NEW! The INPHINIUM Disc by Ingersoll (actual size 18.6875″)


A great new blade from Ingersoll on par with the French Forges de Niaux 200, but with a HRC of 55 throughout the whole disc, not just the edge. The benefit is an equal quality blade but made in North America that cuts out the large overseas shipping cost which gives the farmer a disc for less price. This one is also oversized at 18.68″ which translates to even more of an economical benefit. Used on the John Deere ProSeries,95,90,60, and 50 series air seeders and box drills. Get yours today. We only have 300 of these discs remaining till the summer batch comes in.



The North American answer to the French disc, Forges de Niaux 200. This is the brand new disc by Inersoll of Canada. Made in Canada. This is their Inphinium steel that has a 55 Rockwell hardness throughout the whole of the disc. The French blade has 55 from the edge only. This disc is equal to the French disc, maybe better, but less cost due to no overseas shipping costs. We at KAS will put these discs to the test and will post a video of this once it is finished. This particular disc is also oversized for those looking to have even more life out of their set compared to the common 18″ size, which will also be available this summer. Fits John Deer 50, 60, 90, and ProSeries drills and air seeders.