Kansas Airseeder Service, Parts & machining

Located in Hutchinson, Kansas.    Bus.Lic#9172966

We rebuild, repair, machine, and sell parts for John Deere drills and air seeders. I was established in 2018 and am based in Hutchinson, KS. Our on site repair covers Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, and Iowa (and for the 2024 year we are adding North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Minnesota since we made some obligations that far north we will take on other jobs only in March, April, and May this year of 2024). We also have our own machine shop that has created parts from small to large quantities for various industries. If you have a part you want made then contact us to see what we can do for you.

KAS is a Male, White, Christian family owned company.

Starting in 2024 KAS will be doing 1 free full rebuild a year for a struggling White farmer or rancher who has run into hard times. We believe that it is our duty to begin doing this since very little if any company ever donates their time and money to White Christian families.  It is my moral Christian obligation to offer charity in the form of my personal effort.  This “free” rebuild is %100 labor free. All parts will be at manufactured costs or donated at cost by participating companies. If anyone knows of such a candidate who deserves this charity, please contact us.

Bless you and thank you for your support.


Don’t settle for a low return on a trade-in. My total costs are far less than the implements and I beat all my competitors service prices. Call or text Ross to discuss your needs. 

All on site visits and estimates are free.

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Hutchinson, Kansas

Phone# 316-290-9085

 We assess your drill for free and all work is done on site on your farm. We get your openers done in days not months.

“My hardware prices are 1/3 or less than John Deere or Fastenal”

Watch some self-help videos to learn about repairs, parts, and issues to look for.

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Kansas Airseeder Service
Hutchinson, Kansas