Boot Ear Bushings for Prostitch Boot Stabilizer for old drill fix modification patent pending


Made by KAS in the USA. These now solve a major issue…”I want Prostitch Boot Stablizers but I have the old Drill-fix sleeve”! Well, these little things take care of that. These small bushings fill in the holes from the 5/8″ bit that bored out the boot ear cast to install the Drill-fix sleeve. Due to the Prostitch Boot Stablizer, that method has become obsolete. But for those who have had this done and now want the updated Prostitch Boot Stablizer, the “Boot Ear Bushings” take care of the problem. Made to fit very loosely, most just set in there by hand.



These bushings are an industry first. An easy fix for those that currently have the older Drill-fix sleeve where the boot ears of the row unit cast were drilled out. The Drill-fix sleeve makes it impossible to install the new and better boot stabilizer from Prostitch which is a far superior part to address boot slop. Anyone who had to remove an old boot sleeve knows the tremendous problem it is when those sleeves seize to the bolt and in the holes of the cast. Something no one wants to do everytime they have to install new boots. These new little bushing are used in place of the sleeve in order to be able to install the Prostitch boot stabilizer. Once the heavy burden of removing the old sleeve is done, you simply put one of these bushings in each boot ear. They are made to be very loose so they will never be a problem if you have to remove them for some reason, but with a stabilizer and how it works, these bushings will last the life of any drill just as the stabilizer itself will last. This is an excellent fix for those wanting to rid yourself of the old Drill-fix hassle and move to the life-long lasting Prostitch Boot Stabilizer.