Greaseless Adjuster Shaft


Greaseless depth adjuster shaft kits for John Deere 1890, 1895, 1990, 1860, 1560, 1690 and 1590 models.


Aricks Greaseless adjuster shafts are exactly that – you no longer need to grease that last zerk on the adjuster shaft. These last about 30k acres before you get any stickiness where you simply take them out, clean them off, brush out the spindle housing and reinsert with new seals. This is a far better option than the OEM with the cement like grease and dirt that builds up and seizes, then having to take off the whole row unit to press out the shaft on a shop press. We have been putting these in since they first arrived to the USA and installed about 1000 of them with no reported issues. We were skeptical about the claims of how well they worked, that is why we limited the offering of these until we could verify the results ourselves from the ones we put in ourselves and got the feedback from the farmers, and we have had no reported problems. Kansas AirSeeder Service is very skeptical about claims and take time to verify new parts that show up on the market, that’s because we guarantee %100 of parts and service. In the past we have had to go back hundreds of miles to replace defective parts after the claims of some dealers and suppliers were not true. We now buy directly from Aricks Australia and again offer these greaseless adjuster shafts to fully make your openers greaseless without the downtime and hassle of having to grease those zerks twice a season.

Other benefits are the rectangle shape of the part that is fastened to the adjuster arm for depth setting (look at the other images for an example). This rectangle shape completely and forever takes care of the problem of rounding out the adjuster arm fork, and you can even use rounded out adjuster arms if they are that way now. The adjuster arm from John Deere or any other after market supplier is not a cheap part. This design will assure you never have to replace the adjuster arm. A second benefit is being able to directly pull off discs after removing the retaining bolt of the greaseless shaft.

For John Deere 1890, 1895, 1990, 1860, 1560, 1690 and 1590 models.