Go Greaseless

Below are all your upgrades to get your row units completely greaseless with KAS closing kits, KAS firming kits, and Aricks adjuster shaft kits.  You will no longer have to grease any of the three zerks on any 60, 90 or 95 series John Deere drill every again.

Aricks adjuster shafts are going 30k acres before they start getting sticky.  When they do, you can tap them out and wipe them clean and use a wire brush to clean out the shaft, then reinsert with new seals.  A far easier routine than the labor intensive job of removing the row unit from the rock shaft, pressing out the axles with a shop press, refabing the axle/depth adjuster shaft and getting out cement style grease and dirt built-up in the spindle. Not mentioning the robust adjuster arm connection which will keep your adjuster arms from ever rounding out.

For the closing joint, Garmax bushings are the best reported product.  Their tolerance is very tight and does not allow any shifting of the bushings from the angled pressure from the hitting force of the closing wheel which can shift other bushings.  They are lasting longer than OEM steel kits. Garmax bushings are also used on the firming joint which is almost an overkill as it’s more than enough to handle the simple up and down motion of the lighter firming wheel.


Service costs are as follows:
Adjuster Shafts replaced: $50 parts $155
Closing joint replaced: $55 parts $37
Firming joint replaced: $57 parts $37 

 Having all three parts replaced along with service per row unit: